Question about the show

It's been almost a year since there's a post in here, and I decided to ask something, so the community will not be considered inactive.

What episodes, in the current season, have some good Mac/Flack interaction? I want to search for pictures about them and that way I could narrow down the search.
Thank you.
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Fic: Unspoken (CSI:NY, Mac/Don, FRM)

Title: Unspoken
Author: Carina Scott
Fandom: CSI: New York
Genre: Slash
Pairing: Mac/Don
Spoilers: 3x08: Consequences, 3x21: Past Imperfect, 3x22: Cold Reveal, 3x23: Comes Around
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of these characters, just having a bit of fun.
Summary: Mac and Don find themselves in an emotional hell. Can the unspoken words between them finally set them free?
Author’s Note: Though I’ve long been a fan of Mac/Don, I’ve never actually written anything for the pairing until now. But over the last few weeks, I’ve been watching Season 3 of CSINY, and the Dean Truby and Clay Dobson storylines really caught my attention. So, I started thinking, “If Mac and Don were in a relationship, how would this affect them?”, and it led to this. :) Enjoy! 

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Jim Kirk

Fic rec

Hi guys! I'm sorry if this is not exactly allowed, but I'm tired of searching by myself ;o;. I've just read a fic in which Don was kidnapped at, it was the best option -for me, lol- after reading all the Mac/Flack stories I could find. I kind of liked it, so I wanted to ask you for any recommendations of similar fics where Don gets in trouble or at least he is the main character. It'll be awesome if it's adventure, drama, hurt/comfort, anything but romance (since I only want to see him with Mac :D and I can't stand OCs). Thanks in advance!
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Lookin' up

My appologies if this is not allowed.

It's been a while since anyone's created a Community for the three CSI shows and actually had it running, so I figured instead of looking for one, I'd just create one and invite people to join in.

sl_csi_rp is a completely new community for those of us who enjoy slashing our favorite CSIs together. Het is also welcome, but this is majorly a slash roleplay community.


It's really simple to apply, and is explained in the rules section. Experience is not necessary but it would be nice, so, those with some experience will get first dibs over those who have none. Right now we are only accepting applications for the main characters, and once those spots have been filled then we will take applications for original characters and lab rats.

Feel free to tell anyone you know about this community and we hope to see you soon!